Configuring SonarQube

Published on July 28th, 2021


In order to use the SonarQube plugin, Roadie needs an API token to communicate with SonarQube’s APIs.

These are set within backstage at the following url:


This page describes how to create and set up the API token.


Step 1: Create an API token

In order for the Backstage integration to work we must first generate our api key. These can be found from:

Step 2: Store the credentials and SonarQube URL in Roadie

Visit https://<tenant-name> and enter the token value from above into SONARQUBE_TOKEN.

Token in Roadie

Optional Step 3: Set SonarQube proxy in the settings

This step is only required when integrating with an on-prem SonarCube instance.

Visit https://<tenant-name> and create a new proxy.

    allowedMethods: ['GET']
    auth: "${SONARQUBE_TOKEN}:"

Cloud based configuration