Published on November 18th, 2021


In order to use the FireHydrant plugin, Roadie needs an API token to communicate with FireHydrant APIs.

This is set within backstage at the following url:


This page describes how to create and set up the FireHydrant Bot token.


Step 1: Create an API token

Start by visiting the account settings page in FireHydrant.

Click on the “Create bot user” button and you should see the following screen.

Bot Tokens screen in FireHydrant with no information added

After you have added your preferred name and description to the bot, you should be presented with a bot token. Copy this token to clipboard and continue to step 2

Step 2: Store the token in Roadie

Visit https://<tenant-name> and enter the token value from above into FIREHYDRANT_BOT_TOKEN.

Step 3: Configure FireHydrant services to match Roadie service names

FireHydrant plugin uses the fully qualified entity name to identify a service in FireHydrant. This consists of kind, name, and namespace. An example of a fully qualified name would be Component:default/sample-service. In a catalog-info.yaml file that would have the following values:

kind: Component
  name: sample-service

You can create services in FireHydrant on the New Service page.