Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of software development

Software is positively impacting many facets of human life. We are still early in the journey towards building software effectively. By increasing the effectiveness of software development, we can have a huge impact on humanity.

A number of Roadie employees talking to each other while standing in the middle of a small street

The potential of software

Every industry has more software than ever before. From communications, to transportation, to green energy.

The number of developers in the world is estimated to be 26.9 million, and is projected to grow to 45 million by 2030. [source]

By making each of these developers more effective, we believe Roadie can have a huge positive influence on the world.

Our values

The Roadie values were created by the entire team at the first Roadie off-site. They come from everyone.

Focused on collaboration
We choose to work on problems together rather than apart. We take the time to ensure everyone has the context required to contribute. Titles or experience do not fully determine who gets to work on what. There are no brilliant jerks here.
Driven by customer compassion
We take the time to deeply understand customer problems. We don't build things simply because we want to. We are focused on creating an excellent experience for the end user.
Optimized for learning
Controlled failures are encouraged at Roadie. Psychological safety is paramount. Nobody will be punished for experiments that don’t work out. We are always open to new ideas and no idea will be ridiculed.
Conscious of community
We consider our impact on the wider ecosystem and do our best for diversity, inclusion and equity. Our product was born from an open source project, so we consider ourselves part of a broad community.
Fulfilled by autonomy
Each person in Roadie is given a wide remit. We trust each other to deliver results without much hand holding. Decisions are made by those closest to the issue rather than those with the most seniority. We operate as though most decisions are reversible.

Our Team

We are a small team from enterprise software backgrounds. We understand the complexity of modern software development.

  • Brian Fletcher head shot

    Brian Fletcher

    Software Engineer

  • David Tuite head shot

    David Tuite

    Chief Roadie

  • Iain Billett head shot

    Iain Billett

    Software Engineer

  • Irma Solakovic head shot

    Irma Solakovic

    Software Engineer

  • Jorge Lainfiesta head shot

    Jorge Lainfiesta

    Technical Marketing Manager

  • Jussi Hallila head shot

    Jussi Hallila

    Software Engineer

  • Martina Iglesias Fernández head shot

    Martina Iglesias Fernández


  • Miklós Kiss head shot

    Miklós Kiss

    Software Engineer

  • Orla Tuite head shot

    Orla Tuite

    Chief of Staff

  • Sam Blausten head shot

    Sam Blausten

    Software Engineer

Our open roles

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