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Centralized docs: no more shuffling around for documentation

Roadie’s TechDocs lets developers write docs alongside code, but read them in their Internal Developer Portal

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Keep org-wide documentation organized

Roadie makes your documentation easier to discover

Shuffling between Confluence, README files, swagger, and teams’ docusaurus takes a lot of time. Roadie’s TechDocs lets you render all your documentation in one place. Make sure everyone has access to the latest documentation version in a single place: their Internal Developer Portal.

Centralized yet distributed Docs-as-Code

Roadie lets developers maintain their docs along their codebase

Outdated documentation is often counterproductive. Roadie’s TechDocs are markdown files that to live next to the code they document, so developers have it easier to update it. Roadie will go through your repos looking for documentation entries and bring them all into your Internal Developer Portal.

A home for all API Specs too

Roadie lets you bring in OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, GraphQL, gRPC and custom API docs

Minimize context switching by letting devs discovering an API in the catalog and learning how to use it on the spot. When your teams register API into the Roadie Catalog, they can let it render their endpoints documentation right within the corresponding entity page. Roadie will also have an aggregated view page for developers to have a single reference for all API docs.

Avoid proprietary lock-ins

Roadie gives you the freedom of Open Source

Spotify open-sourced Backstage because they didn’t want to re-do all their Developer Portal if a popular vendor came around. By using Roadie, you’re adopting Open Source Backstage but without the extensive setup and heavy maintenance.

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“We started moving all of our documentation into Backstage through Roadie. I totally recommend them. They’re great to work with and super responsive and helpful.”
Crystal Hirshcorn, Director of Engineering, Snyk

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