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Scorecards: measure and improve your software quality

Establish engineering standards and automatically ensure software is meeting expectations around security, operations, compliance, deployment and more.

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Create a culture of quality and accountability

Write checks and run them against software in Backstage

Checks run against source code and the APIs your tools expose. They find software which is not meeting expectations and report this to the people who can get it fixed.

Scorecards group checks together into concepts your teams understand. Like “Security best practices - Level 1” or “Production SRE requirements - Level 3”.

Simplify DevOps initiatives

Use Tech Insights to ensure teams are testing and deploying correctly. Fine tune which kind of software component gets which checks applied.

Completely flexible. Integrates with anything

Define checks against code, third-party APIs, and more...

You create your own checks that make sense for you and your company. Checks can target subsets of the software you have so that different checks apply to production software than random experiments.

Checks integrate with the tools you already use, like PagerDuty, Datadog, and GitHub. You can easily build your own integration if we haven't supplied it.

Coming soon
Improve software quality over time

Nudge teams towards better standards with notifications

Teams can see how they compare to the rest of the company so behavior changes are gamified.

Prompts and notifications in Slack channels and on pull requests can warn engineers when they’re about to make a chance that will violate an engineering standard. [coming soon]

Run migrations with ease

Gain insight into the progress of migrations

Rolling out library upgrades and API changes is a constant battle. With Tech Insights you can track and report the progress of migrations company wide.

No more spreadsheets for project managing migrations. Create automatically updating reports that show the current state of the migration.

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