Roadie’s Catalog

Automated discoverability: cut the wild-goose chase for your engineers

Put all services, APIs, resources, teams, and documentation under Roadie’s Catalog to eliminate the guessing game when gathering requirements for a new app or feature.

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Find everything under the same roof

Roadie helps you foster Inner Sourcing and collective ownership

Cloud native teams struggle with disparate stacks and workflows. With Roadie, you can map your organization’s software assets in a structured Catalog that keeps track of ownership in the ecosystem. New and veteran contributors can discover the affordances at their disposal and who to contact if they want to collaborate.

Dozens of integrations, one click away

Roadie gives you a single pane of glass

Context switching takes a toll on Developers. Roadie integrates with popular vendors so your developers can find everything related to their service in a single place. Now developers can find everything related to their services under the same context, vendors included.

Check out the Integrations available out-of-the-box

Search across systems

Roadie improves your org’s discoverability

With so many systems available, engineers struggle to find what they need. Make it easier them to navigate your organization through a centralized search for finding references in your software assets, documentation, Confluence, and Stackoverflow.

Avoid proprietary lock-ins

Roadie gives you the freedom of Open Source

Spotify open sourced Backstage because they didn’t want to re-do their Internal Developer Portal if a popular vendor came around. Nowadays, Backstage is the market leader for Internal Developer Portals used by 600+ companies and endorsed by industry leaders. By using Roadie, you’re adopting Open Source Backstage, which means you can switch to a self-hosted Backstage instance if you outgrow our solution.

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“The Roadie team have been incredible to work with. Their platform provides us with a ton of flexibility and integrations. We’ve been able to start using Backstage must faster and we don’t have to worry about the maintenance.”
Ron Barabash, Team Lead, Yotpo

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