Roadie’s Scaffolder

Self-service: accelerate your delivery teams, save DevOps from mundane tasks

Roadie’s Scaffolder lets your developers create apps, request infrastructure, and adopt internal practices with a few clicks through Cloud native software templates.

Trusted by dozens of scale-ups
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Shorten the time to production of new services

Roadie lets you define templates to create new services, or extend existing ones.

Spotify, HP, Expedia, and hundreds of adopters use Backstage’s Scaffolder to accelerate their lead time for changes. Instead of having teams re-invent best practices all over again, Roadie’s Backstage-based Scaffolder makes it easy for you to package production-grade setups for developers to grab with a few clicks.

Define powerful forms once — no more ticket back-and-forth

Roadie provides you with inputs that reduce human mistakes

Asking developers to type out service info in a free-form input is prone to errors. With the Roadie’s Scaffolder, you can define parameters for your input and turn them into dropdowns fed from your Catalog, integrations, or internal APIs.

GitHub Actions inspired syntax for your templates

Roadie lets you use the knowledge you already have

Cookiecutter is great, but can be unintuitive for people working in the platform space. Roadie uses Backstage Scaffolder templates, which supports actions that abstract away common operations, like creating a Pull Request or writing to GitHub, without you having to worry about authentication.

Avoid proprietary lock-ins

Roadie gives you the freedom of Open Source

Spotify open-sourced Backstage because they didn’t want to re-do all their Developer Portal if a popular vendor came around. By using Roadie, you’re adopting Open Source Backstage but without the extensive setup and heavy maintenance.

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“Roadie helps us get the most out of Backstage while saving time and money on setup and operation.”
Enrique Amodeo Rubio, Staff Software Engineer, Contentful

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