Self-hosted Backstage vs Managed Backstage

A guide for making the best choice for your team

Backstage is the most flexible and powerful option for setting up an Internal Developer Portal, thanks to its OSS nature and plugin-based architecture.

You can either set up and maintain Backstage on your own and then build an IDP on top of your self-hosted instance. Or, defer ownership of the instance to Roadie and only focus on building your IDP.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. The best option for you depends on your priorities and resources. In this whitepaper, we’ll overview considerations to help you understand if self-hosting Backstage is your best option or if managed Backstage can free your time for other tasks. We’ll cover aspects regarding:

  1. Initial setup and deployment
  2. Authentication and Security
  3. Upgrades and maintenance
  4. Availability and support
  5. Customizability
  6. Working with Plugins

We’ve put together these insights based on our extensive experience with Backstage—Roadie is the second largest contributor to the project—and the dozens of conversations we've had with Backstage adopters.

Access the whitepaper

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