Backstage Weekly 34 - The first ever Backstage job post?

Multiple companies demo their internal Backstage deployments and we round up the PRs merged in the past few weeks.

Plugins migration to monorepo

Major change in the way we handle our plugins.

GitHub Apps - How to avoid leaking your customer’s source code with GitHub apps

How to avoid leaking your customer’s source code with GitHub apps.

Backstage Weekly 33 - TechDocs search is here

Backstage now supports searching TechDocs in three different search engines. Learn about the pros and cons of each.

Backstage TechDocs - How to embed lucid chart diagrams

TechDocs converts markdown files to Backstage docs so your engineering teams can find them and it is very useful. But how do we embed diagrams from lucid chart.

Backstage Weekly 32 - July community contributions recap

The Backstage maintainers were on summer vacation for the month of July, but this didn't stop the contributions from flowing. 200 pull requests were merged during this holiday month.

How to model software in Backstage

How to use Backstage concepts — components, APIs, systems and domains — to model software and represent the relationships between different pieces of code.

Backstage Weekly 29 - Search V1 release & easier plugin maintenance

Backstage search reaches the v1 alpha milestone and plugin maintenance is about to get a whole lot easier.

Backstage Weekly 28 - A guide to adopting Backstage

Plus... a recap of community session 4 and a look at the new Backstage catalog UI.

Backstage Weekly 27 - Expedia Case Study

Expedia Group recently rolled out Backstage to more than 5,000 internal developers. It now functions as their designated internal service…

Backstage Weekly 26 - Spotify's product story

The final episode of Spotify: A Product Story, the podcast miniseries hosted by Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer, dropped last week. I really…

Developer portals are a superpower

A rebuttal of a post by AWS guru Corey Quinn, who claims that developer portals are an anti-pattern.

Backstage Weekly 25 - View your org chart inside Backstage

How Spotify use Backstage to form a collective knowledge graph and control cloud costs.

Backstage Weekly 24 - Code coverage plugin and growing Backstage team

Code coverage plugin, use cases for security and compliance, and both the Spotify and Roadie teams are growing.

Backstage Weekly 23 - Plugin composability update

The last pieces are in place for the new Backstage plugin composability API. All the links you need are below. We also have a technical TechDocs deep dive. Try saying that 10 times fast!

Backstage TechDocs - How it works

TechDocs converts markdown files to Backstage docs so your engineering teams can find them. But how does it work and how do you set it up?

Backstage Weekly 22 - Progress made on Backstage search

Search begins its migration to the backend, read only mode and some catalog importer improvements.

Backstage Weekly 21 - Spotify story - Why OSS Backstage succeeded

Backstage was announced 1 year ago. We look at how Spotify developed the internal skills required to launch Backstage to its current heights.

Backstage Weekly 20 - Upcoming meetups and Kubernetes CRD support

Heads up on two upcoming Backstage meetups and a roundup of the latest merged pull requests.

Backstage Weekly 19 - Custom actions for the scaffolder

The latest beta of the scaffolder opens up a world of potential for templating applications. We run through an example below.

Backstage Weekly 18 - How Spotify drove Backstage adoption

A recap of the first Backstage community session and a look at some new features which dropped last week.

Deploying Backstage application to AWS ECS Fargate

How to deploy Backstage to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) using the Fargate serverless computing engine to run Docker containers

Backstage Weekly 17 - Next steps for the scaffolder

A look at Spotify's plans for the scaffolder in the early part of 2021.

Backstage Weekly 16 - Upcoming Backstage community meetup 👯

Make sure you don't miss the first community meetup of 2021. Also, get a preview of an upcoming Roadie feature.

How to deploy Backstage on KIND Kubernetes

How to build and run Backstage on a local Kubernetes cluster created with KIND.

Backstage Weekly 15 - Happy 1 year anniversary to Backstage 🎂

Three new plugins were launched in the last week. Plus, 3 great features have kicked off.

Backstage Weekly 14 - 3 high potential internal Backstage features

So much has happened in the year since Backstage was released. Let's look forward to see what the future might have in store.

Backstage Weekly 13 - Updated roadmap for 2021

A look forward at the Backstage roadmap in H1 2021 and backwards to the merges that happened in December.

Backstage Weekly 12 - Pagerduty plugin, Org plugin and external TechDocs storage

The Pagerduty plugin, API graphs and an update to the Sentry plugin also included.

Backstage Weekly 11 - TechDocs Production Architecture

When to use various TechDocs architectures and a look at their roadmap for the next 6 months. 🛣

Backstage Weekly 10 - Easier service onboarding

Onboard your services to Backstage by using the GitHub repo importer that Roadie has developed and contributed.

Backstage Weekly 8 - The search for search is almost over

Lots of potential building up as we near year's end. The Backstage search plugin is nearly ready.

Backstage Weekly 7 - Open Governance

Backstage joins Kubernetes and other notable projects in adopting an open governance model. 🤝

Backstage Weekly 6 - Backstage Kubernetes Plugin

The Backstage Kubernetes plguin - What it does and how it can help you.

Backstage Weekly 5 - Backstage for websites

The fifth edition of the Roadie Backstage Weekly newsletter. Tracking website performance over time with Backstage.

Backstage Weekly 4 - Cost Insights

The fourth edition of the Roadie Backstage Weekly newsletter. Managing cloud costs by shifting left with Backstage.

Backstage Weekly 3 - CNCF Sandbox

The third edition of the Roadie Backstage Weekly newsletter. Backstage has been donated to the CNCF.

Roadie Rundown 2 - New Backstage version released

The first edition of the Roadie Newsletter. The pieces are starting to come together.

Roadie Rundown 1 - Docs in Backstage

The first edition of the Roadie Newsletter. Find service documentation without NSA-level discovery skills.

Using GitHub Auth with Backstage

Setting up GitHub autententication can be a little tricky, but this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Running the Backstage service catalog with Docker Compose

How to build and run Backstage Docker containers to get started with the service catalog in Docker Compose.

How to use the Backstage Lighthouse plugin.

The first plugin shipped by the Backstage team is a Lighthouse plugin. It allows you to track your website speed over time in Backstage.