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Customising the Roadie UI

By Sam NixonMay 17th, 2024
Custom Catalog Tabs

The latest features and updates from Roadie.

🗂️ Customising the Catalog UI

Your Catalog should match how you organise teams and build software. In the past, you’ve had to use Backstage nomenclature to model those concepts in the Catalog, but no more.

We’ve introduced Catalog Customisation in the Admin area so you can use your own naming conventions and concepts to define your Catalog using Kinds and Types and simplify the UI for everyone.

Add, edit, and reorder Catalog tabs to your hearts content.

Docs can be found here on how to get started.

Custom Catalog Tabs

💈 Sidebar slimming

In the same vein, we have also opened up support for full customisation of the sidebar.

This was possible in a limited capacity in the past, but you can now modify the whole kit and caboodle. This applies across your instance of Roadie for all users, allowing Admins to slim down the sidebar and reduce information overhead for everyone.

Sidebar Customisation

🌅 Surfacing metadata

We’ve also making customisation easier by introducing a EntityMetadataCard. The new card allows you to pull in any metadata you’d like from a catalog-info.yaml file and surface it on an Entity page. This allows you to pull in rich information on things like ownership or the last time an entity was updated, without the effort of writing a custom Typescript plugin to do the same job.

Entity Metadata Card

🌈 New default fonts, padding and colours

You may also have noticed Roadie has had a general facelift. This is part of our efforts to make it easier for users to consume visual information on any given Roadie page. This will be a long-running piece of work for us, but expect Roadie to just look and feel nicer in the weeks and months to come.

New Roadie UI

🙌 Filters for all!

We’ve also added Advanced Filters to all Catalog Kinds. This allows you to create a filtered, linkable views to share with colleagues. It has previously been possible to use Advanced Filters for a number of different Catalog Kinds, but now it’s available for all.

Happy filtering :)

🔌 Plugin roundup

We’ve added a new Dynatrace plugin. This is the best plugin for customers of hosted Dynatrace services. You can also access the Dynatrace plugin for self-managed users, which has been renamed Dynatrace for Managed in line with Dynatrace naming conventions.

This is part of our efforts to more closely sync up with plugin maintainers like Dynatrace to make sure Roadie customer feedback reaches them. Their plugins get better, Roadie gets better, you get a better service from both. Win, win, win. 🤝

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