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Easier, scalable and zero-maintenance. With security, scorecards and customizability built-in.

Trusted by dozens of scale-ups
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Keep your Developer Portal safe

Roadie updates your Backstage instance automatically

As highlighted by Gartner’s report on Developer Portals, standing up and maintaining Backstage takes significant effort. Roadie gives you a production-grade Backstage instance and keeps it safe through regular upgrades, SSO and dedicated infrastructure.

Roadie is SOC2 Type 2 Certified and uses ephemeral environments for your Scaffolder actions, a common source of risk for Open Source adopters.

Get all the OSS features, simplified

Roadie brings no-code management to Backstage

With a vibrant community of contributors, new Backstage plugins and features are popping up regularly. Roadie brings all these features, while smoothening out rough edges like GitHub rate limits.

Roadie enables plugins and integrations through a UI, which also lets you manage access and permissions. Roadie also provides advanced debugging capabilities to make it easy to navigate the unexpected, if it happens.

Make your Developer Portal truly yours

Roadie lets you install private plugins and renderers

Your Developer Portal will only be successful if it’s tailored to the way your developers work. Roadie lets you bring your own Backstage plugins so you can integrate internal systems into your Developer Portal.

Roadie also lets you bring your own API documentation renderer so your docs are presented exactly as you want them inside Backstage.

Integrate with your Kubernetes Clusters

Roadie connects to your infrastructure using a broker

Roadie uses a Broker to integrate with your internal APIs, including Kubernetes clusters and on-prem services. This allows secure access your endpoints without exposing them to the public internet.

The broker is open-source code with an audit log and outboound egress, meaning you can be confident that access is limited in the way that you want.

Leading architectural change through Roadie Backstage

Andy Hoffman, Caribou
BackstageCon, Detroit 2022

Yesterday you’re a scrappy startup; today, you’re funded and have 12 months to 10x your team and system capacity. In this talk, Andy shows how Backstage—via Roadie—can help wrangle unintuitive architectures, overwhelming options, and unfamiliar patterns for teams going through hyper-growth.

Watch talk on YouTube →

Adopt Backstage through Roadie

“Roadie has been fantastic to work with and allowed us to adopt Backstage without the overhead.”
Andy Hoffman, DevOps Engineer Manager, Caribou

Turn tribal knowledge into shared context

A single pane of glass for your software development life cycle.

Cut onboarding time

Get engineers up to speed in days, not months.

Tackle growing pains

Engineers are constantly joining or switching teams. Make them effective, and help them stay that way.

Make tools discoverable

Centralize around the service catalog. Make API specs, docs and tooling easy to access in one place

Proven results

Spotify saw "time to 10ᵗʰ commit" drop by 55% in the two years after deploying Backstage internally. All while onboarding hundreds of engineers each year.

Standardize service creation

Create services from templates which already have your best practices built in.

Increase production consistency

Homogeneous environments are easier to operate and scale. Cut down on snowflake services.

Golden path to production

Encode your best practices to make production consistency the path of least resistance.

Codify service ownership

Track teams and software and assign one to the other.

Improve maintainability

Unowned services are a maintenance, security and operations nightmare.

Unlock InnerSourcing

Empower teams to contribute to the code around them. It starts with a conversation with the service owner.

Tech docs that get read

Docs-like-code helps Spotify document thousands of internal components.

Write docs as code

Markdown docs live alongside the code where they can be peer reviewed in pull requests.

Organized and searchable

Docs are organized in the service catalog and searchable for discoverability.

Demonstrated at scale

Spotify experienced an explosion of docs writing after adopting this methodology internally.

Track engineering maturity and migrations

Define engineering standards and initiatives that get checked automatically across your ecosystem.

Find out which teams are experiencing challenges

Standards adherence can be grouped by teams, offering insight into who may need more support to adopt new practices.

Understand your migration’s progress

Initiatives are designed to keep track of wide-org migrations, offering insights about the change across software components.

What our customers say


The Roadie team have been incredible to work with. They're obviously Backstage experts, and their platform provides us with a ton of flexibility and integrations.

We've been able to start using Backstage must faster and we don't have to worry about the maintenance.

A man in a t-shirt with arms crossed looking slightly to the left.
Ron Barabash
Team lead


Backstage has been pivotal for our growth. And Roadie has been pivotal in supporting us at the operations, feature enhancements / roadmap, and onboarding level.

The Roadie team provides frequent updates on their offering and even more frequent answers to our questions - their support is tremendous and has eased and sped up our adoption of Backstage.

A young man in a suit jacket looking straight at the camera
Mark Loyzer
Senior Software Engineer


Having a place to gather documentation of our systems and APIs, while keeping those definitions close to the source, has been a real win.

The Roadie team has been incredibly proactive in communicating updates and responsive to all our questions.

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Jon Stern
Director of engineering

Powerful plugins

Open-source Backstage plugins are supported by default. Push your own if you need something bespoke.

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