Roadie’s role-based Access Control

Access Control: fine-grained control to reduce cognitive load for teams

Roadie’s role-based Access Control lets you configure precise subsets of features and information that you want to present to any given team or user.

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Gain fine-grained control of your catalog

Roadie makes it easier to slice and dice your software catalog

Whether for privacy, compliance or secrecy reason, or simply because not all users need to see everything in your catalog, Role-based Access Control within Roadie provides the control you need to select who can and cannot see items, execute tasks or make changes.

Customisable roles for easy management

Roadie helps you configure roles that match your organisation

Roadie’s fine-grained management features allow customisable permissions policies and roles to help you model your own rules around information sharing to the configuration of your catalog. Only show the each type of user information that is pertinent and relevant.

Integrated with your identity provider

Roadie lets you import roles from whichever Identity Provider you are using

Pass roles from your Identity Provider (IdP) straight to Roadie to allow seamless role management. Roadie access management and permissions framework integrates into the tools you already use to manage access.

Avoiding unnecessary distractions

Roadie helps you configure a distraction-free environment for your teams

From gating specific actions in a template to hiding individual items in your Catalog if the user does not have reqiured upstream permissions, RBAC can help reduce lost time when a system outside the Catalog is not accessible.

See Roadie’s Role-based access control in action