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A more customisable Scaffolder

By Sam NixonApril 11th, 2024
Roadie Scaffolder

The latest features and updates from Roadie.

🤖 Custom Scaffolder Actions.

Templates and the Scaffolder get heavily used by our customers to democratise common tasks like adjusting cloud account budgets or making changes to some Terraform repos.

One of the historic limitations with the Roadie Scaffolder has been that customers were unable to create and use their own custom actions. This added some friction for more advanced Scaffolder users where they were limited by the Scaffolder Actions that we supported by us when they came to write a Template.

No more though! Roadie customers can now create their own self-hosted Custom Scaffolder Actions.

That means:

  1. You can now write your own Scaffolder Actions to complete a task or use some custom CLI that Roadie isn’t aware of
  2. Then register those Actions in Roadie - as many as your heart desires.
  3. Context can then be passed back and forth between Roadie and these Actions within any template you write.

Detailed docs can be found here to get started.

⽥ Custom Field Extensions

In the same vein, we have also opened up support for Custom Field Extensions for the Scaffolder.

You can write your own React Components and validator functions to handle the use cases not currently covered by the existing Templates. This allows you to customise a lot of the Scaffolder forms to your hearts content.

🔌 Plugin roundup

  • The Dynatrace plugin is now supported on Roadie. You can use it to surface recent problems, error traces, and synthetics results for your services.

  • The PagerDuty plugin has had a significant upgrade thanks to the fine work Tiago Barbosa is doing as part of PagerDuty taking maintainership of the plugin earlier this year. We’ve adopted the new plugin, so you’ll see a slick new UI and some additional features as they rollout.

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