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By Jorge LainfiestaMarch 21st, 2023

At a readership of 160k+ tech professionals, The Pragmatic Engineer has received a lot of praise from the enterprise software and scale-ups industry. For their column on Backstage, the Roadie team had the opportunity of contributing our experiences with Gergely Orosz. The outcome of Gergely’s research is truly a deep-dive pillar that explains how Backstage came to be, its different features, adoption stories, and many other aspects of the framework.

If you’re a Pragmatic Engineer subscriber, make sure not to miss out on this one. Gergely goes through what a Developer Portal is, how to get started, and even compares closed-sourced alternatives. Check it out!

Backstage on The Pragmatic Engineer: a deep dive

Martina Iglesias Fernández, CTO of Roadie, saw the inception of Backstage from within Spotify and shared her story with The Pragmatic Engineer. At the time, she was a lead backend engineer at Spotify, where she saw the pain points that derived the need for an Internal Developer Portal. In the column, she explains in detail how Backstage came from an internal tool called System-Z. Screenshot: System-Z

The Roadie team shared other experiences with Gergely, including information about Backstage’s main features and the typical adoption process from MVP to org-wide release.

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