Roadie’s Blog is boosting Backstage Developer Portals for Scale-Ups with Scorecards

By Jorge LainfiestaOctober 24th, 2022

Dublin, Ireland, October 24th, 2022., the company offering a CNCF Backstage SaaS option, is extending the most popular Developer Portal framework by introducing Tech Insights.

The Open Source version of Backstage is used by industry leaders such as HP, VMware, and Expedia Group. But, as highlighted by Gartner, it requires significant effort and dedicated staff to stand up and maintain. Instead of self-hosting Backstage, dozens of scale-ups like Netlify, Snyk, and MyFitnessPal have adopted it through Roadie’s managed option. Now, Roadie is expanding its offering by introducing Tech Insights, which doesn’t have an equivalent in the Open Source Backstage.

Tech Insights lets Roadie users create Scorecards to keep track of quality standards within their organization. This is useful for assessing software maturity and security compliance across all services.

Screenshot: Scorecard sample *Roadie users can define the criteria to be measured in their services via a Scorecard. * Given that Roadie Backstage users already have all their software assets registered in their Software Catalog, extracting insights is a valuable next step in any Developer Portal.

Screenshot: list of scorecards values *Roadie users can overview the health of their ecosystem across services *

Roadie is currently working with a handful of design partners to develop Tech Insights to ensure it brings out the most value for leadership and developers.

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