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Backstage Gets Quality and Compliance Scorecards with Roadie

By Jorge LainfiestaJuly 31st, 2023
Two illustrations of Tech Insights scorecards

DUBLIN, July 2023. Roadie, the Backstage-based SaaS Developer Portal, announced the general availability of its first feature on top of Backstage: Tech Insights.

With Roadie Tech Insights, software engineering teams can use Scorecards to monitor their software assets in the Backstage catalog and make sure they meet the quality and compliance standards they have set. Scorecards are based on Data Sources and Checks that the user can customize through a UI.

Roadie Tech Insights comes with more than a hundred different types of checks across dozens of data sources like GitHub, Datadog, and Snyk (plus, you can add custom sources). The feature release was covered by, TFiR, and BENZINGA.


Roadie was founded in 2020 to help organizations boost developer productivity through a Developer Portal. The company raised US$3.7 million in a seed funding round led by Boldstart Ventures and Firstminute Capital.

Back in 2021, Roadie released an open-source Tech Insights plugin with primitive APIs so that any Backstage adopter could build their own Scorecards functionality. A few enterprise Backstage adopters like HP and Lunar Bank have implemented their own solutions based on this version of the plugin. However, the open-source Tech Insights requires each team to design its own UI and implement its Data Sources and Checks, on top of managing integrations, security, and databases.

The new fully-fledged version of Tech Insights—available only to Roadie customers—features more than a hundred facts that you can check against across dozens of data sources like GitHub, Snyk, and PagerDuty. For example, Martin Froehlich, vice president of engineering at SumUp, is using Roadie and Tech Insights to “promote and track adoption of supply chain security and code analysis tools like Dependabot, CodeQL, and others, across all of our production service repositories.”

Roadie Tech Insights helps engineering teams build a culture of quality and accountability Using Tech Insights, teams are nudged towards improved software quality over time. Antony Rinaldi, head of architecture and application platform at Baillie Gifford, is using Roadie Tech Insights to “promote and track adoption of security tools with our 250 developers.”

He also added that Baillie Gifford has “created automated checks and scorecards that help us understand which teams have adopted the tools letting us understand how successful our rollout initiative is. We’re excited to expand it to more use cases over the coming months.”

Roadie Tech Insights is a natural development to make the most out of a Software Catalog and keep quality under control.

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