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New in Roadie: Automated language tagging for GitHub entities

By Jorge LainfiestaFebruary 20th, 2023
Automatic language tagging

Part of understanding your software assets is knowing, at a glance, the languages used in each of them. Now, Roadie can automatically bring this information from GitHub and associate the corresponding languages to your entities through a tag or a label, depending on your preference.

Screenshot: Catalog with tags

Imagine you’re browsing your software catalog looking for a library that you can use for setting up your Go API routes or to find patterns others have used to set up a test harness for their Java apps. In these cases, it would be helpful to be able to filter entities by language.

Since GitHub already compiled this information for you, you only need to bring it into your Developer Portal. Now, Roadie can do this automatically: we’ll label or tag—according to your preference—your entities with their associated language.

If you’re a Roadie customer, you can get your Catalog to start tagging your entities with the corresponding languages by switching the feature on in Administration > Settings > Catalog.

Screenshot: Catalog settings page

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