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Backstage during KubeCon EU ‘23

By Jorge LainfiestaApril 24th, 2023

Backstage was undoubtedly one of the recurring topics of the conference, with at least five talks dedicated to the framework and several others referencing it. As you walked through the busy venue, it was common to pick up people mentioning “Backstage” as you rushed through the busy venue trying to catch a talk—only to find out the room was complete even if you had arrived 10 minutes earlier.

Kasper Niesen presenting at KubeCon

By far, KubeCon + Cloud Native Conf EU 2023 has been the most impressive since the re-start of the conference series after the p*ndemic. With 10 thousand people in attendance and fascinating talks, being unable to enter the room—even if you arrived 10 mins earlier—became commonplace.

Solutions showcase in Amsterdam

Let’s address the elephant in the room: there was no Backstage booth in the Project Pavilion, as there was in Detroit. A series of miscommunications caused this unfortunate issue, but after talking with other members of the community, including the maintainers, I can assure you: this won’t happen again!

People talking

Despite that, I was lucky to have talked with many people in the community, including OSS partners RedHat and VMWare, current Backstage adopters, and people who are just getting started with the framework.

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