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Repositories have come to the Catalog

By Sam NixonMarch 11th, 2024
Repositories in the Catalog

The latest features and updates from Roadie.

🤖 [Beta] Repositories have come to the Catalog.

We think a lot about catalog completeness at Roadie.

One of the most successful strategies we’ve come across to aid in getting components into the catalog is to surface what is in the catalog against a list of repositories. The gap between the two help to identify what is not in the catalog. Simple.

To help customers do this as easily as possible we’ve brought Repositories in from the cold and added them as a core part of the Catalog.

That means:

  1. There is a new Repository tab in the Catalog
  2. Repositories are auto-discovered for GitHub users. For other SCMs the Roadie API is available to push your repositories in.
  3. Quick editing of Repositories inside the Catalog table itself.

📝 Set owners and other properties in the Catalog table UI (no yaml required)

We’ve expanded Decorators again to allow editing of Title, Owner, Type and Lifecycle for Catalog entities from the Catalog table itself.

You can now edit the title, owner, type and lifecycle of entities right in the Catalog table UI. All without yaml. Just click the pencil icon in the Actions section of whatever row you’d like to edit.

Catalog editing

⛏️ [Beta] Auto-discover AWS Resources with our new provider

Our customers often want to represent AWS resources in the Catalog and have been using the Roadie API to do just that. There’s a simpler way though, so we decided to build it. Behold: the Roadie <> AWS Provider.

It can currently be configured to pull in:

  • Lambda functions
  • EKS clusters
  • S3 buckets
  • DynamoDB tables
  • EC2 instances
  • and RDS DBs

Coming soon: AWS Accounts.

⏫ Upgrade to Backstage 1.23

We’ve upgraded Backstage to 1.23 for all customers:

  • A fix to a vulnerability identified by us as part of our annual third-party penetration test. It related to the Scaffolder and didn’t actually affect us, but we worked on fixing it with the core Spotify team to keep the rest of the community safe. More info here.
  • A tweak to Nunchucks trimblocks that allows for creating control over templating in the Scaffolder, worked on by our own Miklos, one of the core Roadie team.

Full release notes for Backstage 1.23.

🔌 Plugin roundup

  • The new End of Life plugin is now supported on Roadie. We’ve bought in both the frontend and the backend for this plugin, so it is able to read from repository files via the “source-location” annotation. It’s nice. We like it.

End of Life Example

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