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Roadie helps us get the most out of Backstage, while saving time and money on setup and operation.

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Enrique Amodeo Rubio
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Frequently asked questions

Is Roadie SaaS or on-prem?
Roadie is SaaS only for the moment. Some Backstage plugins will need a connection back to your infrastructure. We offer a number of secure methods for enabling this.
Does Roadie support custom plugins?
Yes. Roadie provides a private plugin repository which you can publish Backstage plugins too. They can then be manipulated and used just like ordinary open-source Backstage plugins.
Where is Roadie data stored?
All data is stored within the EU and is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption algorithm. AWS KMS is used to manage and protect the encryption keys. Data is backed up to AWS S3 at least once per day.
What level of support does Roadie provide?
Every Roadie customer gets a shared Slack or Discord channel. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. We also deeply value customer feedback and prioritize your requests in our roadmap.
Do you have a status page?

Yes we do! It can be found here: