Published on December 14th, 2022


This page describes how to set up the CodeScene plugin on Roadie.


You’ll need a CodeScene account and a basic Auth token.

Step 1: Configure the CodeScene API token

Navigate to /administration/codescene and click the edit icon beside the CODESCENE_AUTH_CREDENTIALS secret then enter your basic auth token.

Set Auth

Step 2: Configure the CodeScene Instance URL

Navigate to /administration/codescene and enter your CodeScene instance url then click “save” and then “Apply & restart”.

Set Config

Enter the sidebar edit mode and click the add icon. Then, enter Link as the component, enter a title and set the path to /code-scene (exactly this value). Click Save.

Note: It might take some moments for the secret you configured to be available to the backend. You can check its status on the secrets page.

Create Link

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