Configuring Okta Team / User Provider

Published on August 2nd, 2022


Roadie Backstage can automatically ingest users and groups for your organisation from a few sources. One of these is Okta where you may already have all your users and groups/teams defined.

In order to use the Okta organization plugin, Roadie needs an Okta API token, and the organization URL to communicate with Okta’s APIs. On this page, you’ll learn how to set up these two fields in your Roadie Admin panel.


Step 1: Obtain an Okta API token

Obtain an Okta API token to use with Roadie Backstage.

Step 2: Set the Okta API token

In Roadie, add the OKTA_TOKEN secret at the Okta settings page:


Step 3: Set the Okta Organization URL

Set the Okta Organization URL in the Okta configuration page in Roadie.


It will ingest a subset of data for all groups and all users in your Okta organisation.

Filter Users and Groups

From the Okta settings page, linked above, you can configure a filter for users and groups. This filter query is passed to the Okta API and therefore supports the Okta filter language.