Buildkite Plugin

Published on January 12th, 2022


The Backstage Buildkite plugin integrates with Buildkite to show your build information inside Backstage where it can be associated with your services.


Add Buildkite to one of your components

Add the Buildkite annotation

First, add an annotation in the catalog-info.yaml file for a service that uses Buildkite like so:

  annotations: <buildkiteorganization/buildkitepipeline>

Add your API Key

You will need to create an API key for your Org in Buildkite with read permissions.

Then add it to Roadie at /administration/buildkite.

Add BUILDKITE_TOKEN in Settings Page

Add the plugin

In Roadie, find and select the service via the Component Catalog or Search.

Click the plus icon to add a new plugin for your component.

Add the plugin

Select the EntityBuildkiteContent card from the drop-down and click Create.


You should now see your Buildkite pipeline runs inside Roadie!

View all builds in buildkite plugin

You can then click in individual builds to see more info.

View single build in buildkite plugin