Humanitec Plugin

Published on June 12th, 2024


The Backstage Humanitec plugin integrates with Humanitec to show your deployment information inside Backstage where it can be associated with your services.


Add Humanitec to one of your components

Add the necessary annotation(s)

The Humanitec plugin enables 2 usable annotations that are available to correctly identify the deployments.

The available annotation can be seen below on the example catalog-info.yaml file:

    # mandatory annotation <ord-id> <application-id>

Create and add an API Key

Generate an API key on your Humanitec dashboard, then add it to Roadie at https://<tenant-name> by entering the token value from above into HUMANITEC_TOKEN.

Enable and configure the plugin

In the same Humanitec configuration section, you can set an org id that is used as a fallback if the annotation is not added on a per component basis.

Configure Roadie UI to display Humanitec information

In Roadie, find and select a relevant entity via the Catalog page or using Search that has an annotation for Humanitec.

The HumanitecCardComponent card can be added to the overview page of an entity by clicking the settings cog, and adding a new card.