Loading Backstage catalog files on your installation

Published on May 10th, 2022


Roadie can load your catalog files automatically from GitHub.

This page describes how to do that.


  • You will need a git repository for the configuration of Backstage.
  • You must install the Roadie GitHub app in your organisation with access to all repositories.


  1. If the name of your organization was “acme”, you would create a file in the github repository called github-discovery.yaml with the following contents:

    apiVersion: backstage.io/v1alpha1
    kind: Location
      name: github-catalog-discovery
      description: Configuration to load catalog files github teams
      type: github-discovery
        - https://github.com/acme
  2. Next go to the catalog import page in backstage e.g. https://.roadie.so/catalog-import

  3. Enter the url to that file you created.

Confirming it worked

Within the next couple of minutes, you should see all your catalog files loaded into your backstage instance.