Shortcut Plugin

Published on June 9th, 2022


This plugin provides an overview of Shortcut user stories which are currently in progress. It can be added as a card for your Home page so you easily preview your ongoing stories.


The Shortcut API uses token-based authentication so in order to retrieve results you will need it. Follow the steps below in order to set it.

Step 1: Generate an API token

To generate an API token, go to

Click on the “Generate token” button.

Step 2: Store the token in Roadie

Visit https://<tenant-name> and enter the token value from above into SHORTCUT_ACCESS_TOKEN.

Add Shortcut stories card to your HomePage

Now, when you added access token, you are ready to go. Follow the steps below in order to add the Shortcut plugin to your Homepage card.


To use this plugin make sure you already have the Backstage Home plugin enabled.

Add Shortcut card to your homepage

  1. To enable this plugin go to your Home page via the sidebar.

    Once you are on the home page click on the cogwheel icon.

    cog icon leading to adding cards in home page

  2. Click the plus sign to add a new Card. add new card plus sign

  3. Select HomepageStoriesCard from the list. add shortcut card

    Click add

    You should see card like this: Shortcut card