Configuring GCP Service Account for Backstage in Roadie

Published on March 16th, 2021


This Google Cloud Platform (GCP) client in Roadie may be used to periodically to collect Backstage catalog information from Google Cloud Storage. These settings are configured in https://<tenant-name>

This page describes how to get the client id and private key for GCP.


Step 1. Create a new GCP Service Account

  1. Start by logging into the cloud console of GCP
  2. Click “Create Service Account”
  3. If your tenant name was acme, you would enter the following information creating service account
  4. Click create and then give the service account appropriate permissions to read the google cloud storage bucket.
  5. The following optional settings are not required, you may complete creating the service account.
  6. Click on the service account you have created to view the service account details page and then click on the “add key” drop down and then the “create new key” button. create new key
  7. Select JSON and then click Create.

This will download a JSON file containing the credentials needed for next step.

Step 2. Enter the credentials in Backstage

  1. Copy the client email and the private key from the downloaded JSON file.
  2. Visit the page https://<tenant-name>
  3. Enter the details you have copied into GCP_CLIENT_EMAIL and GCP_PRIVATE_KEY


After adding the credentials for GCP your Backstage instace will be able to authenticate against Google and fetch data for components registered in GCS locations.