Configuring ArgoCD

Published on September 2nd, 2021


This page describes how to set up the ArgoCD plugin.


Step 1: Create an API token

In order for the Backstage integration to work we must first generate our api key.

You can generate a key via the ArgoCD CLI or UI.

Via the CLI run:

argocd account generate-token --account <your-account> --id <optional-id>

Alternatively, via the UI at /settings/accounts/<your-account> click “Generate New” in the “Tokens” section.

Step 2: Store the credentials in Roadie

Visit https://<tenant-name> and enter the key into the argo-cd-token secret.

Set argo-cd-token via UI

Step 3: Configure Roadie with your ArgoCD account details

Visit https://<tenant-name> and enter your ArgoCD server API endpoint click “Save” then “Apply & Restart”.

Set Argocd Config

Step 4: Add the UI elements

The ArgoCD plugin provides two type of UI elements.

The EntityArgoCDOverviewCard presents the current status of an application:

ArgoCD Overview Card

The EntityArgoCDHistoryCard displays the deployment history of an appliction:

ArgoCD History Card

Both can be added to component dashboards.

The EntityArgoCDContent displays similar information to the history card and can be added as a tab to component layouts.

ArgoCD Tab

Multiple ArgoCD Instances

If you require integrating with multiple ArgoCD servers contact Roadie and we will enable this for you.