Home Page Plugin

Published on March 1st, 2022


The Backstage Home plugin provides a framework for building a dashboard style home page for backstage.

A home page can be composed of many cards from various plugins much like the overview tab for entities. Roadie provides an interface to build such a home page interactively in the Backstage UI.

This page will describe how to configure the home page plugin and customize the dashboard.



Enable the plugin

To enable the home page go to Administration -> Settings -> Home Page.

Ensure enable is checked then click Save and Save and Restart


Customize the UI

To view the home page navigate to Home via the sidebar.

Editing the home page is very similar to editing component dashboards. Click the cog icon to enter edit mode. To add components click the “plus” icon or drag cards to reposition them. Read this guide for more details.

Edit Home Page Button