Azure Devops

Published on April 6th, 2022


Microsoft’s Azure DevOps is a hosted service providing development and collaboration tools.

This plugin provides visualisations for some components of Azure Devops in your components using annotations.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines is a CI/CD, testing, and deployment system that can connect to any Git repository.

The plugin lists the latest builds for a given Azure Repo.

Azure Piplines Builds screenshot Credit: Andrew Wanlin from Keyloop

Azure Repos

Azure Repos is a Git repository service.

The plugin lists the latest Active, Completed, or Abandoned Pull Requests for a given repository.

Azure Repos PR screenshot Credit: Andrew Wanlin from Keyloop


(NB: You must be a Backstage admin to add this plugin.)

Global Settings

You will need to set your Azure Devops Organization name in the Settings page under the “Azure Devops” section.

Then you will need to add a Personal Access Token with read access to both Code and Build.

This is set within Roadie at the following URL or via Settings under the Secrets section:



You will first need to add the following annotation in your Component’s catalog-info.yaml file: <project-name>/<repo-name>

Let’s break this down a little: <project-name> will be the name of your Team Project and <repo-name> will be the name of your repository which needs to be part of the Team Project you entered for <project-name>.

kind: Component
    # ...
    annotations: my-project/my-repo
  type: service
  # ...

If you are only using Azure Pipelines along with a different SCM tool then you can use the following two annotations to see Builds: <project-name> <build-definition-name>

In this case <project-name> will be the name of your Team Project and <build-definition-name> will be the name of the Build Definition you would like to see Builds for. If the Build Definition name has spaces in it make sure to put quotes around it

Adding the Plugin

The EntityAzurePipelinesContent and EntityAzurePullRequestsContent components can be added as new tabs to your Components that have an annotation in their catalog-info.yaml files.

Add new tab


  • Currently, multiple organizations are not supported. You can set your organization in the Settings page.
  • Azure DevOps Server (on-premise) is not supported.