Viewing Apache Airflow DAGs in Roadie

Published on November 23rd, 2022


The Backstage Apache Airflow plugin serves as frontend to the REST API exposed by Apache Airflow to show Apache Airflow’s information inside Backstage.

Using the Plugin

  1. Add a proxy configuration in Roadie at /administration/settings/proxy - see guide here.

Path: /airflow Target: Headers: Authorization: Basic ${APACHE_AIRFLOW_BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN}

  1. Get and provide a APACHE_AIRFLOW_BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN as an environment variable in Roadie at /administration/apache-airflow - see below for instructions on how to get the token.

  2. Set the baseUrl for your Apache Airflow webserver in the Apache Airflow plugin options at /administration/apache-airflow

Basic Authentication token

In order to make requests to your Apache Airflow API, you must provide Roadie with a basic authentication token.

  1. The basic authorization token is the base64 encoding of the username and password of your instance.

    example: echo -n "airflow:airflow" | base64 -w0