Performing a sync with your GitHub for your catalog files

Published on August 23rd, 2022


Roadie can perform on demand syncs with your organisation. This is useful in a case where you already have catalog-info.yaml files distributed in your organization before you installed the Roadie GitHub app.


  • You must have installed the Roadie GitHub app in your organisation as described here
  • You must be an Admin of Roadie Backstage, as described here.


  1. Visit the Administration > Settings page and click on GitHub under Integrations

  2. Scroll down to the Backfill your catalog section. Image with the backfill your catalog section

  3. Press the IMPORT button in the bottom left corner.

  4. A modal will open up. Opened modal

  5. Type the target url that you used in your app-config.yaml files under the catalog.locations key with the type: github-discovery. You can either provide a wildcard(*) in the place of the repo part of the url or you can use wildcards in the file path part.

    ✅ Use this if you have multiple repos with existing catalog-info.yaml files.*/blob/-/catalog-info.yaml

    ✅ Use this if you use monorepo. You’ll need to import for all of your monorepos one time.**/catalog-info.yaml

    ❌ You can not use wildcards in both places*/blob/-/**/catalog-info.yaml

  6. Press the IMPORT button in the bottom right corner

  7. You can see a table with all of the discovered repos that got added to the roadie catalog. A table with the discovered repos

Confirming it worked

You can go to the catalog and see your added components.