Backstage Buildkite Plugin

See Buildkite Builds in Backstage

Getting started is simple

Install the plugin

yarn add @roadiehq/backstage-plugin-buildkite

Add proxy configurations

# app-config.yaml
        $env: BUILDKITE_TOKEN

Import it into your Backstage application

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import {
} from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-buildkite';

Add plugin API to your Backstage instance

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx

export const cicdContent = (
    <EntitySwitch.Case if={isBuildkiteAvailable}>
      <EntityBuildkiteContent />

Add annotation to your component-info.yaml file

  annotations: [exampleorganization/exampleproject]

Get and provide BUILDKITE_TOKEN as env variable. Note that the token needs to be in format Bearer TOKEN

Found a mistake? Update these instructions.

How it looks

A list of builds in a table along with a status and retry button for each build.

Things to know


You might rebuild each build and track build progress with this plugin.

single build view in buildkite plugin

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