Setting secrets

Published on January 31st, 2022


Many Backstage plugins require authentication to work. This tutorial shows you how to set authentication tokens securely in Roadie.

Step 1: Visit the secrets page

The secrets page is available in your Backstage instance at:


To navigate to this page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Administration link in the bottom left of the application.

A link that says "Administration"

  1. Click the Settings tab along the top of the Administration page.

A link that says "Settings"

  1. Click on Secrets in the left sidebar.

A link that says "Secrets"

Step 2: Edit the secret you need

  1. Find the secret name in the table. For example: PAGERDUTY_TOKEN.

A table row with the name PAGERDUTY_TOKEN, an edit icon as a button and a short description of what the token does

2.. Click the pencil icon to open a dialog where you can set a token.

A modal dialog with an input where we can input a secret and a save button

  1. Paste your token into the input and click SAVE. The specific details of where to get the token will depend on the plugin you are configuring.