Requesting plugins

Published on May 7th, 2022


Roadie endeavors to support any Open Source Backstage plugin you might need. This page explains what to do if you don’t see a plugin in our integrations list.

Ensure a plugin exists

The first thing to do is check that a plugin has been created by the community. The official Backstage website contains a canonical list of open-source plugins.

If you see a plugin there which is not present on the Roadie integrations page, there’s a good chance we can add it for you. Please ask support about this via the in-app chat.

When no plugin exists

If you’re using a tool which doesn’t seem to have a community created plugin available, there’s a good chance someone else has already requested it.

To add your support to the request, or to request a new plugin from the community, visit the GitHub issues on the Backstage repo and filter by the Plugins label.

a list of GitHub issues where users are requesting plugins for tools they use

Remember, Growth Plan customers can write their own plugins and publish them to Roadie.