Published on June 14th, 2024


This feature is currently in the process of being rolled out. If you want access, please contact our support or sales teams.

Roadie implements RBAC as part of its offering. We provide 4 roles out of the box: admin, viewer, maintainer and tech-insights-admin. It is possible to also define custom roles, please contact our sales team if this is something you are interested in.

Name Description
admin Can perform any action in Roadie
viewer Can only view data within Roadie
maintainer Can read and write data, but cannot access administration settings or tech insights editing
tech-insights-admin Can edit scorecards, checks and data sources in tech insights. This role requires one of viewer / maintainer to work correctly

Assigning Roles

There are two ways to assign a role to a user in Roadie:

  • Assign roles in the user management screen
  • Provide a roles field in your id token provided to Roadie during login.

User Management

  • Visit the user management page in https://<tenant name>
  • Find the name of the user you would like to assign a role to.
  • Click the edit pencil and then add the roles you would like to assign the user.

Roles from Identity providers id token

If your Roadie tenant is using a custom identity provider, you can choose to include the roles field in your id token as follows:

  "sub": "77d0c4cb-706c-4aa4-b18e-bed538a33aa7",
  "roles": ["viewer", "tech-insights-admin"],

Setting the default roles

If a user has no role associated yet, e.g. if it is the first time they have logged in and there are no roles associated with the user, then the user is allowed the policies associated with the default roles. There can be many default roles.

To edit the default roles:

  • Visit http://<tenant name>
  • Click the edit pencil beside the roles you would like to be the default roles
  • The click “Set as default role” and save.
  • You can perform similar steps to make a role no longer a default role.