Check the GitHub annotation is set

Published on October 6th, 2022

The GitHub annotation powers more functionalities in Backstage than any other. Frequently, the GitHub project slug is used to load data related to the associated entity.

kind: Component
  name: marketing-site
  annotations: RoadieHQ/marketing-site

Backstage works best when the GitHub project-slug annotation is set on as many components as possible.

To create a check to ensure that the annotation is set, use the following attributes:

Field Input
Name GitHub annotation must be set on Backstage Component metadata
Description Setting the component metadata will allow many Backstage GitHub plugins and features to work
Data source Entity Metadata (built-in).
Fact Annotation keys (this returns a list of all of the annotation keys on an entity)
Fact operator Contains

Once this check completes its first run, you should see data come in showing the Backstage entities which need improvement.