Published on November 15th, 2022

Defining Checks

A Check is a rule which a service either does or does not satisfy. Checks are defined by evaluating a Fact from a Data Source against a logical operation, such as checking if services have less than 4 Low Severity Issues from Snyk.

To manage Checks, go to Tech Insights → Checks page. In this page you can view and edit existing Checks, as well as adding new Checks.

Overview of all checks

Clicking a specific Check title will show you the results of that Check for all components.

Check overview

Adding a new check

After navigating to Tech Insights→ Checks page and clicking ‘Add check’ button, you’ll be asked to describe your Check as below:

Add check steps

1 - After filling in Name and Description, select the Data Source that you want to use for this Check.

2 - Select the Fact that you want to use. Note that the list of Facts come from the selected Data Source.

3 - Select a Fact operator and specify a target value. The underlying implementation (json-rules-engine, see below) supports a limited number of built-in operators that can be used in conditions.

Checks are constructed usingjson-rules-engine so you will make sure facts, operators and value align to those rules .

4 - You can try out your Check with the Dry Run button.

Check dry run

After you have added the check, make sure to refresh check results so it is taken into calculation from that moment on.

Refresh check

Next steps

Now that you have added both Data Source and Checks, based on that Data Source, you can proceed and create a new Scorecard which will include this check or include it in existing Scorecards.