Introduction to Checks

Published on November 15th, 2022

A Check is a rule which a service either does or does not satisfy. Checks are defined by evaluating a Fact from a Data Source against a logical operation, such as checking if services have less than 4 Low Severity Issues from Snyk.

To manage Checks, go to Tech Insights → Checks page. In this page you can view and edit or duplicate existing Checks, as well as adding a new one.

Overview of all checks

Clicking a specific Check title will show you details and results of the Check for all components. Please note that if, when creating a check, you select a wider scope of components in entity filter than the scope for Data Source which Check is based on, you will be seeing components without any results as well. In these cases a default value will be taken into consideration and result of the check will be calculated based on those

Check result