Nearly instant Catalog updates, Backstage’s security review, Tech Insights demo

Now you’ll see nearly instant updates in you Catalog thanks to our new webhook-based GitHub integration. Our engineering team went through the recent Backstage Security Audit Report and confirmed the framework’s vulnerabilities are remediated in Roadie. Check out the latest developments of Tech Insights in a video demo by David.

Nearly instant Catalog updates via webhooks

Previously, Roadie used Backstage’s default GitHub integration, which relies on polling for discovering and updating entities. This approach had limitations due to API rate limits and could take time to reflect changes from your YAML files into the Catalog.

Roadie implemented a proprietary GitHub entity provider based on webhooks, so updates are done more efficiently. You’ll get nearly instant updates in the Catalog when you add a new entity, change a YAML file, or delete an entity.

No action is required on your end. For more information, check out our guide on autodiscovery.

Reviewing Backstage’s Security Audit

Our engineering team reviewed the full security audit report commissioned by the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund on Backstage OSS software. Most security issues had been addressed since Backstage 1.3, and all Roadie customers are using Backstage 1.5. Our team confirmed that all issues are mitigated for all our tenants.

Tech Insights demo

We keep working on Tech Insights with the help of our design partners. David has put together a demo to showcase what is currently available in Roadie Tech Insights and the direction that the team is taking. Check out the video demo.