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Backstage Weekly 88 - New release (1.16), Scaffolder, interview

By Jorge LainfiestaJuly 24th, 2023

Hi y’all! Amidst the revolted summer the world seems to be experiencing, I’m happy to be a herald of good Backstage news:

  • Backstage 1.16 is here!
  • New Scaffolder tutorial: create a template to onboard entities
  • Video interview: what does a dev want from their Platform
  • Configuring pgadmin to access the backstage databases in a kubernetes cluster

Backstage 1.16 is here

The latest Backstage release is out now, bringing additional support for Material UI v5, which is fully adopted in the home plugin. Another big win is the migration towards the new backend system: there are 8 plugins in this release that support the new APIs. Check out the complete Release notes to learn more about small bug fixes.

Tutorial: Using Backstage’s Scaffolder to fill up your Catalog

The Scaffolder is a great entry point for your overall platform strategy, and it can also help you increase your Catalog completeness by making services onboarding a one-click experience:


In this tutorial, I go through the implementation details on how to write a software template that opens a PR against a service’s repo with a complete catalog-info.yaml file. Check it out!

Want to start building on top of Backstage? Get a Roadie Backstage instance so you can start shipping features into your IDP without having to manage an instance. Get a demo now!

Platform Humans: Thomas Bhøg from Lunar Bank

Ever wondered what’s the experience that Platform users want to see? Thomas, senior software engineer and tech lead at Lunar Bank (a Backstage adopter), shares what success looks like for developers using a platform.


Watch the episode now.

X-Rays for your Backstage instance

Connecting pgAdmin to your Backstage instance can give you useful insights into how your using up resources to run your Developer Portal. In this step-by-step tutorial, Luis Laredo will guide you through installing pgAdmin and connecting it to Backstage.


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