New Splunk On-Call plugin, improved Locations log, updated dependencies. Extract and manipulate info in Tech Insights with JSONata

This week we’ve shipped support for Splunk On-Call and updated several dependencies in your instance. For Tech Insights customers, you can now use JSONata to do advanced processing of JSON or YAML sources and get a better experience thanks to UX improvements and bug fixes.

Integrate with Splunk On-Call

Providing support for Incident management is one of the most popular use cases in Backstage. If you use Splunk On-Call for such purposes, you can now integrate it into your Roadie instance. image (6)

Check out our guide on Configuring Splunk On-Call to get started.

Browse logs at ease without the Locations log auto-refresh

Previously, the locations log would auto-refresh while you were trying to go through the entries. This behavior made it difficult to sort and filter the location log table because it would refresh everything and reset the filters. We’ve removed the auto-refresh behaviour, and instead added a “Refresh Log Data” button to make it a controlled process.

Rest easy: we’ve updated your dependencies

Roadie takes care of not only updating your Backstage instance core libraries. We regularly keep every dependency up to date to get you the most recent versions to tighten the security of your Developer Portal. This week we updated 27 plugins and other associated dependencies in your instance.

Tech Insights: sophisticated checks with JSONata

Let’s say you want to ensure all your teams target a minimum node Orb in their CircleCI builds. You can confirm this by checking the CircleCI config file in each repository, but you need to exact the node version.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 12.54.40

You can use TechInsight’s JSONata parser to perform JSONata queries to get just to the value that you want to exact as a fact.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 12.56.17

The new parser is not limited to treating only static files. We use it internally at Roadie to track how much progress we’re doing in Tech Insights by using our Shortcut API and tracking the amount of open, closed, and unstarted epics. Screenshot: Tech Insights