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Backstage Weekly 89 - Traits of successful adopters, CFP last days

By Jorge LainfiestaJuly 31st, 2023

Hi y’all! We’ve reached peak summer in Spain and everybody in my town has left for holidays for the entire month (how do they do it??). But I’m still standing and bringing you Backstage goodies:

  • New article: Traits of successful adopters
  • Roadie launches Tech Insights
  • BackstageCon CFP: submit before August 6th (this Sunday)!

Successful Backstage adopters - what do they have in common?

Legendary Taras Mankovski, from Frontside, put together five patterns that he’s seen as he works with companies adopting Backstage.

In my opinion, the first three points refer to having a vision and plan way beyond “I want Backstage.” It’s putting our beloved framework back in its place: a means to an end. When building a Developer Portal, you’re not “adopting Backstage” but building out your platform and driving developer experience. backstage-succesful-adopters

The other two points, refer to the need to collaborate beyond the team implementing Backstage, all the way to the Open Source community.

It’s a worthy read with useful pointers that can help you form an approach as you navigate how to set up an Internal Developer Portal. Check out the article!

Want to start building on top of Backstage? Get a Roadie Backstage instance so you can start shipping features into your IDP without having to manage an instance. Get a demo now!

Roadie launches Tech Insights

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve officially released a fully-fledged version of Tech Insights, with hundreds of pre-built checks across different sources like PagerDuty, Snyk, and Dependabot.

Two illustrations of Tech Insights scorecards

Although it’s based on the OSS version, this full version of Tech Insights is available only to Roadie customers. If you want to know more, check out our release post or request a demo.

Last week to submit your BackstageCon proposal

The window to submit your talk proposal for BackstageCon is still open until August 6th, 2023 (this Sunday).


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