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Backstage Weekly 44 - 1.3.0's new features

By David TuiteJune 15th, 2022

Backstage 1.3.0 is out! Let’s take a look at a few new features included in the release.

Scaffolder dry-runs and template editor

Rugvip championed a very convenient feature that allows you to try out templates on the Scaffolder backend—synchronously and without streaming logs or any other side-effects. As a result, you’ll get a frontend where you can inspect the directory contents, log, and outputs of your template’s execution.

Screenshot: Template Editor

Additionally, there’s now a Template Editor where you can edit and try out templates thanks to the dry-run feature.

This feature is available in v1.3.0 Learn more about this upcoming feature in its pull request.

Scaffolder Owned Tasks

Thanks to angeliski, you’ll have the ability to view the template tasks that you own versus all of the available template tasks.

Screenshot: List template tasks featuring the Owned tasks filter

This feature is available in v1.3.0. Learn more in the PR.

New plugin: Hashicorp Vault

ivangonzalezacuna released the long-sought—since 2020!—Hashicorp Vault plugin for Backstage this week! You can now show a list of secrets’ URLs associated with a namespace directly into Backstage. There’s also a handy link to manage each secrete in Vault’s UI.

Screenshot: Vault's secrete in Backstage's overview card

This plugin is Open Source and available for everyone to install. Read more about the plugin.

And there’s more!

TypeScript 4.7, expiring Backend Tokens, Discovery providers, more plugins and security fixes. Read all about the new release on the official blog post.

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