New plugins: StackOverflow and Org

You can now enable the StackOverflow plugin and connect your company’s instance to Roadie. We’ve also added support for the Org plugin, which adds a “My Squads” item to the sidebar.

Connect your Stackoverflow today

We’ve enabled the homepage card for Stackoverflow. It accepts both public and private Stackoverflow questions. The plugin lets you add filters to the query so you can fine-tune what kind of questions and responses are featured on your instance’s homepage. To configure it, please follow the Stackoverflow plugin’s instructions. Screenshot: stackoverflow home card

Access your squads faster with the Org plugin

We’ve also added the Org plugin to Roadie, which will show logged-in users a sidebar nav item for ‘My Squad’ leading them to their squad page, or ‘My Squads’ if they belong to multiple teams. Screenshot: Sidebar with My Squads option