Ingest Okta users and groups into the Catalog

You can now ingest Okta users and groups into your Catalog, sign up for our upcoming Backstage Users Unconference (September 8th), and check out progress with the Tech Insights paid add-on.

New feature: onboard Okta users and groups in your Catalog

If Okta is the source of truth for how your teams are organized and who is on which team, you can now make sure that these teams are up to date and represented in the Backstage model. We implemented an entity provider that allows you to ingest Okta users and groups in the Catalog. To enable this feature, refer to our documentation.

Upcoming event: Backstage Users Unconference

Roadie is co-hosting this free event for Backstage users to learn and share about managing an instance, from adoption strategies to domain modeling and everything in between. Sign up today!

Backstage Users Unconference: September 7th

More progress on Tech Insights

We’ve received great feedback and enthusiasm about the upcoming Tech Insights paid addon. Most of our engineers are focused on Tech Insights, and we’re making rapid progress. We’ll roll out experimental support for a subset of customers soon. Check out our latest progress demo: Video thumbnail: Tech Insights progress

That’s all for this week!

Cheers, Jorge L