Group Scaffolder templates, performance review

You can now arrange your software templates in groups in the Scaffolder. We have started to review the UI performance issues raised by some of our customers: expect improvements soon. Also, learn more about our new webhooks-based GitHub integration.

Group Scaffolder templates

When you offer more than a few software templates, it becomes trickier for your users to find the one they’re looking for. You can now group templates together by tags that you specify in the Administration panel. To enable this feature, go to Administration > Settings > Scaffolder.

Screenshot: Grouped Scaffolder templates

Learn more on how to set up the Scaffolder in our documentation.

Performance optimizations on the way

Our engineering team is currently analyzing the bottlenecks that cause performance issues for some of our customers. Our objective is to reduce the loading times for an improved experience. We have found several points that can be optimized immediately and will begin to ship improvements as soon as possible. We are also filing mid-term and long-term improvements as we discover them.

Edge cases in the new GitHub integration

A few weeks ago, we released a new GitHub integration for the Catalog that lets you immediately see the changes you make in your YAML files reflected in Roadie Backstage. We have written a blog post detailing the tech behind this feature, and describing a couple of cases in which this integration works differently from the previous one. Learn more our blog post.