GitHub Home cards, Allure plugin and a bugfix

These are the user facing improvements we’ve shipped in the past week.

Home cards for GitHub

We’ve released two new cards for the Backstage Home page. They show you your GitHub Pull Requests and Review requests.

To use them, add the HomePageRequestedReviewsCard and HomePageYourOpenPullRequestsCard cards to your Home page.

Here’s how they look:

GitHub cards for the Backstage Home page

Allure plugin

The Allure plugin is now available for all Roadie Backstage users. It can display the Allure reports of the components in your Roadie Backstage catalog.

Allure report plugin for Backstage

To use it, follow the three simple steps in our docs.

Session refreshing bug 🐞

We’ve fixed a tricky session refreshing bug which has been reported a few times over the past few weeks. This would cause the Refresh Session dialog to be displayed over and over even after clicking the “Refresh” button. This is now fixed and the session will refresh as expected when the button clicks.