Custom API docs renderers, Scaffolder cookbook, Backstage consolidating its role

You can now bring your own API renderer to Roadie and access software template recipes. Backstage is being endorsed by industry leaders, who’ll start contributing to it soon.

Bring your own API docs renderer

If you have an API type other than OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, GraphQL, or gRPC, you can now bring it into API Docs too. You’ll need to write a custom renderer, publish it as a plugin to Roadie, and set up the render in your Roadie instance.

For more information, check out the documentation page.

Introducing the Scaffolder cookbook

The Scaffolder is growing in adoption for most Roadie users (and in the overall Backstage community), so we’ve decided to start sharing recipes for common software templates. At the moment, we have two available but we’ll start adding more over time so bookmark the page!

If you have a handy template you want to share with the community, ping us and we’ll be happy to publish it!

Check out the Scaffolder Cookbook!

You’re on the right track with Backstage

Thoughtworks, Red Hat, Gartner, VMWare, and the Linux Foundation endorse Backstage as a solution for improving the developer experience of growing engineering teams through a Developer Portal. As a Roadie customer, you’re about to get all the benefits from these substantial contributors without having to do anything.

Read more about Backstage’s role in the ecosystem.