Backstage 1.4, gRPC API docs, filter by label

You’ve been upgraded to Backstage 1.4, you can now document gRPC APIs, and new label filters in the Catalog.

You’re running on Backstage 1.4

Backstage 1.4 release is centered around security fixes and stabilizing APIs. Read more about the upgrade in our newsletter.

New feature: API Docs for gRPC/protobuf

As requested by some of our customers, we implemented support to render gRPC/protobuf API specs generated by protoc-gen-doc. We contributed the solution upstream and with the new release, we’re making it available to all our customers.

Screenshot: rRCP docs

Better UI for labels in the Catalog

We’ve added a labels column to the Catalog. Additionally, you can now filter entities by label.

Screenshot: labels on the catalog