Backstage 1.0, Bitbucket and more

Backstage 1.0 is here, along with the new Google Calendar home page. We now support Bitbucket and we have a new docs site.

Backstage 1.0

This week we upgraded all Backstage instances to the 1.0 version of Backstage. You can read the official blog post to learn more about what this means for Backstage. The full release notes are here.

Google Calendar homepage plugin

One cool feature from this release is The Google Calendar home page widget. It lets you check your upcoming calendar events on the Backstage home page.

Google Calendar Homepage Widget

If you want to use it, check out the docs.

Bitbucket support

You can now connect Roadie to Bitbucket in Administration -> Settings -> Integrations and start importing catalog files from Bitbucket. The scaffolder is also supported so you can create Bitbucket repos from Roadie too.

The docs are here.

Refreshed Roadie docs

Speaking of docs, we’ve also launched a redesigned documentation site at As we’ve grown and added more features to Roadie, we’ve found our old docs structure struggled to keep up.

The new docs layout uses tabs to organize the main documentation sections. It also features a brand new plugins and integrations database so you can easily see which plugins Roadie suports.